Markel Wholesale CAE program is gaining momentum

The success of the Corporate Account Executive Program is a product of the teamwork between the Wholesale division’s regional underwriters and marketing teams and the CAE representatives within Markel’s Wholesale Marketing Department. The CAE program provides a holistic approach to growth initiatives with Markel’s national customers and works hand-in-hand with the excellent underwriting and customer service provided by the regions.

After concluding an extremely successful 2012, Markel Wholesale’s Corporate Account Executive (CAE) partners upped the momentum by kicking off an outstanding 2013.  For the first quarter of 2013, CAE accounts were up almost 24% corporately.

One of Wholesale Marketing’s most recent strategies to promote growth with our CAE partners is the collection of share of purse information from all corporate CAEs. This involves compiling information that shows the total premium each CAE office writes by line of business. By gathering and analyzing this information, Markel can identify opportunities for growth in specific product lines that have been previously underrepresented.

A continued focused team effort between our Product Line Leaders, Regional Management/Underwriters, and the Wholesale Marketing staff will drive this initiative to new heights. If the first quarter of 2013 is a sign of things to come, both for our CAE partners and the Wholesale division as a whole, we’re poised for a year of growth and success!