Markel timeline

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Humble beginnings

Sam Markel forms Mutual Casualty Association and establishes Mutual Casualty Company in Norfolk, VA to insure jitney buses.

A family business

Sam Markel's four sons, Lewis, Irvin, Stanley, and Milton, join the growing business, and Markel Service, Inc. is created.

Competitive advantages

Markel Service, Inc. earns a national following and develops a reputation for industry-leading claims adjusting and safety engineering.

Becoming an insurance carrier

Essex Insurance Company is incorporated and licensed to write excess & surplus (E&S) lines business.

Going public

Markel listed on NASDAQ exchange.

Getting bigger

Trading of Markel shares moves to the NYSE and market capitalization approaches $900 million (USD).

Going global

Markel acquires Terra Nova Holdings Ltd. (Bermuda) and gains entry to London markets.

Introducing Markel Ventures

Markel Ventures is established. First acquisition is AMF Bakery Systems.

Markel Ventures continues to grow

Top-line revenues from Markel Ventures increase by 89%.

Finding new markets

Markel Specialty grows by acquisition of FirstComp, THOMCO, and Essentia Insurance.

Alterra: A natural fit

Markel acquires Alterra Capital Holdings Limited (Bermuda). Markel Ventures acquires Eagle Construction.

Continued growth

Abbey Protection plc is acquired by Markel International; Cottrell and Parkland Ventures are acquired by Markel Ventures.

More acquisitions

Markel acquires Bermuda-based CATCo; Markel Ventures announces majority interest in CapTech.

Markel joins the Fortune 500

Markel joins the Fortune 500 at #476.

Growing the family

Markel acquires SureTec Financial Corp. and State National. Markel Ventures acquires Costa Farms.

Getting bigger

Markel acquires Nephila. Markel Ventures acquires Rosemont Investment Group and Brahmin.

Hello #441

Markel ranks #441 on the 2019 Fortune 500.

Markel launches Lodgepine Capital Management Limited.