Meet Mimi Fiske, Regional President, Markel Midwest


What excites you most about your new role?

I am honored and privileged to work for such an outstanding company. Markel has a long-standing presence in the marketplace, and our team of professionals continues to execute on vision, customer service, and the Markel Style. I have embraced this culture and am very excited to be a part of this legacy.

How did you get to this point in your career?

I began my insurance career right after college and have been closely tied to the wholesale community ever since. After starting my career at a well-established wholesale company, I moved on to help launch several other wholesale platforms within various markets. I thrive on the excitement of building teams of professionals, expanding my product knowledge, and capitalizing on the long-term wholesale broker relationships I have built over time.

What has been your biggest disappointment?

Like most people, I’ve had a few disappointments during my career, most stemming from my competitive nature. I’ve had to learn to slow down and really take the time to absorb and digest a difficult situation before making decisions and acting upon them.

How do you keep it fresh after 19 years? What motivates and excites you about the sector?

Simply put, I love insurance and I love our wholesale partners. There is something very unique and special about the long-term relationships nurtured over time. After 19 years in the wholesale arena, I remain driven to be a problem solver and a friend to our brokerage partners.

What is the best piece of advice you have received during your career?

A former employer and dear friend encouraged me to always be a student of the industry—constantly be learning and listening. There is always more to learn.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to someone that’s new to the insurance industry?

Never be afraid to admit you don’t know the answer, just know where to find the answer.

Tell us a bit about your life outside the office. How do you like to spend your leisure time?

Family is most important to me, after insurance, of course. With two boys who are 5 and 9 years old, we don’t have much leisure time. Charlie and Henry are very active with sports including hockey, baseball, and basketball. Beyond that, our family loves “family time” which consists of dinner at home and a good movie.

What is your greatest achievement in your personal life?

My boys are easily my greatest achievement. While they are still young, they are growing into handsome, polite, and caring young men. I cherish every day that I get to spend with them watching them grow.

Given complete freedom of choice, where would you like to spend next week?

I am such a boring homebody. I would stay at home, catch up on sleep, and spend time with my family.