Welcome to Markel’s supplier page. Here you will find reference materials, documentation, 
and news for everything supplier-related. 

We are proud of the strong relationships we have built with our suppliers and want to continue to foster and build on these partnerships with improved communications, streamlined invoice payments, and onboarding processes.


We hope you and those closest to you are well during this unprecedented time. At Markel, we are taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously, and it is our top priority to take appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of our associates, communities, partners, and customers.

To ensure invoices continue to be processed in a timely manner while under COVID-19 measures and going forward, please see the guidance below for invoice payments.

Sending Invoices

We understand there may be cases where invoices are currently being mailed directly to Markel offices; however, due to Markel’s decision to strongly encourage remote working, all invoices should be remitted directly to This delivery method will guarantee efficient routing and timely payment, in accordance with Markel’s established net 30 day payment terms. We cannot guarantee timely processing or payment on invoices that are physically mailed to a Markel location.

Accepted formats are pdf, .tif, or .jpg. Attach only one invoice with supporting documentation per .pdf file. You will not be notified when unaccepted formats are received and sending incorrect formats could delay payment. Oracle is unable to read any handwritten notations on the invoice form.

Payment Method

Due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19, Markel is requesting that all vendors receive their payments via ACH, BACS, or electronically. If you have previously been paid by Markel via check, please complete the attached supplier form and return to Failure to complete the attached supplier form could result in delayed payment.

Thank you for your commitment during this time of uncertainty. Please ensure you take care of yourselves and your families.

This guidance applies to supplier payments made through our new Oracle Accounts Payable system and does not apply to the following; supplier payments for State National, Markel Canada or CATCo/Lodgepine nor any claims payments or agent’s commission payments for any entity.

Please contact with any questions
External: +1.804.955.1950 | Internal: x101950


Following are the key requirements for submitting your invoice to Markel.

  • Mandatory fields:
    • Invoice number
    • Supplier name
    • Address
    • Date
    • Amount (with currency symbol)
  • Purchase order numbers (if applicable): must be included on the invoice
  • Key Markel contact name: include the name of the person who requested the product or service
  • Invoice attachments/supporting documentation: must be combined with the invoice in a single, electronic file
  • File format: Adobe .pdf or TIFF
  • No handwritten invoices or handwritten notations
  • Markel’s standard payment terms are 30 days

See our best practice guidelines for additional information on submitting your invoice to Markel.


Markel’s Code of Conduct

The Markel Style sets out our core values and principles, the way we want to do business. Quoting from the Markel Style, “Our creed is honesty and fairness in all our dealings . . . We respect our relationships with our suppliers and have a commitment to our communities.”

We have a Code of Conduct which reminds Markel employees how we conduct business and how we work with each other and our partners. We consider that our strong ethical culture serves as a solid foundation for success. Suppliers, customers, and shareholders can rely on us to do the right thing.

Modern Slavery statement (Markel International suppliers only)

Electronic payments

One of Markel’s key objectives is to pay our suppliers efficiently and in a timely manner. To meet this objective, we are migrating our suppliers to electronic payments. Why?

  • Security: reduces risk of fraud
  • Speed: reduces time to access funds
  • Tracking: enables transparency to payment lifecycle
  • Convenience: no need to deposit a check

Contact information


+1.804.955.1950 (Markel Corporation)

+44.20.7953.6744 (Markel International)