Markel's Express Renewal program | FAQs

What are the benefits of the Markel Express Renewal Program?
With one click, this program will allow producers to bind coverage on behalf of their insureds at a premium identified in the Markel Express Renewal email offer without the need to complete or submit an application for renewal. When renewals are bound through the program, policies will be issued within 24 hours.

What lines of business are included in the Markel Express Renewal Program?

  • Architects & engineers
  • Environmental
  • Excess & umbrella
  • Medical
  • Ocean marine
  • Products liability (claims-made)
  • Tenant discrimination

How long do I have to accept the Express Renewal offer?

Offers are valid up until policy expiration, provided the insured has not had a material change in ownership, operations, professional services, financial position, or a change in the underlying policy for excess coverage.

What happens if there have been changes to the policy?

If changes have occurred, you will need to contact your Markel underwriter.

What will happen when I click “Renew now” in the email?

The “Renew now” button will lead you to an internet page allowing you to review the renewal offer details where you will also have links to the quote letter, terrorism forms, and Frequently Asked Questions. This internet page is where you will finalize the bind order by entering your name, email address, and clicking by “Bind now.”

What will happen when I click “Bind now?”

It will bind coverage and you will receive a policy within 24 hours.

If I am not the original email recipient, can I still accept the renewal offer?

Yes, Express Renewal email offers can be forwarded to others in your office so that someone with the same domain name (e.g. can accept the offer.

When do I get billed after renewing?

Billing will take place after the effective date of the renewal.

Where can I get my quote letter? What is in it?

You can view your Express Renewal Quote letter by clicking on the link in your email offer or via the Express Renewal Program internet page, accessed through clicking ‘Renew Now’ from the email offer, and clicking on the quote letter link. The quote letter will include renewal policy terms and will contain applicable forms on the policy.

Can I purchase TRIA or change my TRIA election?
To make any changes to your TRIA election from your expiring policy, you will need to contact your Markel underwriter.

Will I get a binder?
No binder will be released; however, you will receive a policy within 24 hours of accepting the Express Renewal offer when you click the “Bind now” button.

Will I get a reminder email closer to the policy effective date?
Initial offers will be sent approximately 60 days prior to policy expiration; reminder emails will be sent approximately 30 and 7 days prior to policy expiration.