Markel Electronic Delivery and Signature Consent Disclosure

Markel Corporation affiliated insurance companies along with its underwriting and service manager, Markel Service Incorporated, known collectively as “Company,” is providing You with the opportunity to receive electronic delivery of any available insurance related documents, notices, billing and policies relating to coverage You now have, may apply for or may later have.

For the purposes of this Consent, “You or Your” shall mean the Named Insured, Prospective Named Insured, Customer or Client and refers to the person, legal entity or authorized representative of the Named Insured. Insurance Producers authorized by You, must be licensed and appointed by the Company to complete this form on Your behalf.

The purpose of this consent is to ensure that You are fully aware of the consequences of agreeing to receive and sign documents electronically. “Electronic documents” include all electronic documents we may send to You, including documents You may complete via web page and save on Your computer or attach to e-mail. An “Electronic Signature” includes any mark, symbol, sound or process that is written, stamped, engraved, attached to or logically associated with an electronic document and executed by a person with the intent to sign.

You have the following rights:

1. Right to Receive Paper Documents: You have the right to receive any document provided in paper or non-electronic form. If You want a paper copy of any document, please contact the Company. There is not a fee.

2. Right to Withdraw Consent. You have the right to withdraw Your consent to receive documents electronically by contacting the Company. The legal validity and enforceability of the electronic documents, signatures and deliveries used prior to withdrawal of consent will not be affected. In other words, all prior electronic deliveries shall be fully valid and enforceable.

3. Changes to Your E-Mail Address. You should keep the Company informed of any change in Your electronic or e-mail address. Please contact the Company as soon as possible if there are any changes.

4. Your Ability to Access Disclosures. By agreeing to this consent, You acknowledge that You can access and retain the electronic documents. The hardware and software required is an email address, a document reader and access to a computer or a device that can access the internet. To retain the notices or documents, you must have the ability to retain the notices or documents delivered by electronic means, which means access to a printer and/or the ability to download the notices or documents to a hard drive or an external media storage device1.

5. You may contact us at: Markel, P.O. Box 3009, Omaha, NE 68103; phone: 888-500-3344; or by e-mail:

6. Unless required by law, all notices, disclosures, authorizations, acknowledgements and other ‎documents relating to coverages You may have with us may be provided to You in electronic ‎form. We may still send some notices to You in paper at Your regular mailing address. For ‎this reason, it is important that You inform us of any changes to Your regular mailing address.

7. Your rights relating to insurance we provide to You may be dependent on when You receive ‎certain information from us. You are considered to have received information from us when ‎we notify You at Your email address alerting You that the information is waiting for You at ‎Your secure mailbox at the web portal or as posted on our website, as designated in the ‎email we would send to You.‎

8. If the law requires us to provide to You particular information in writing, we may provide that ‎information instead by alerting You by email that the information is waiting for You at Your ‎secure mailbox at the web portal or as posted on our website, as designated in the email we ‎would send to You.‎

The Company may utilize the services of third-party service providers to facilitate electronic delivery of Electronic documents.