Markel is known for its people and quality of service. 

The Risk Solution Services (RSS) team embodies the ideal of the Markel Style and strives to “know our customers' needs and to provide our customers with quality products and service.” With representation across the US, our professionals are ready to help you achieve success. We look forward to hearing from you!
Allison Elzer
Allison D. Elzer
Sr. Director – Risk Solution Services
Erin Bauer
Risk Solution Services Intern
Kyle Cassara
Underwriter Trainee
Kim Coorod
Kim E. Coonrod
Director, Administration and Operations
Bill Coons headshot
Bill Coons
Sr. Risk Solutions Specialist
Eric Engelhardt headshot
Eric Engelhardt
Risk Solutions Specialist – Field
Aliyah Grant headshot
Aliyah Grant
Risk Solutions Associate – Risk Solution Services
Michael Harding
Michael Harding
Sr. Risk Solutions Specialist
Ray Howard headshot
Ray Howard
Director – Technical Engineering and Risk Solutions Training
Jay Hurin
Jay Hurin
Risk Solution Construction Service Manager
Michael Huss
Risk Solutions Consultant
Mark Newell
Risk Solution Services Environmental and Energy Manager
Mike Perciccante headshot
Mike Perciaccante
Sr. Risk Solutions Specialist
Libby Reed
Risk Solutions Specialist
Courtney Rosengartner headshot
Courtney Rosengartner
Sr. Risk Solutions Specialist
Michael Swain headshot
Michael A. Swain
Sr. Risk Solutions Specialist
Mike Szczygiel
Sr. Risk Solutions Specialist & Healthcare Services Manager
Heather Tierney
Sr. Risk Solutions Specialist
Melanie Weaver
Risk Solution Assistant