Our communities

A key component to the Markel Style is "a commitment to our communities."

The Markel Style instructs us to build the financial value of the company and also reminds us to respect our relationships with suppliers, to look for a better way to do things, and to honor our commitment to our communities.

woman carrying carton of food
Markel’s 2020 corporate giving

Markel increased its historic levels of community giving throughout 2020. By living the Markel Style of being flexible . . .

Markel’s Matching Gift program

Inspired by the Markel Style, a lot of the charitable giving at Markel is done by our employees, who are eager to give . . .

At Markel, we care about and are committed to the communities where our employees and customers live and work. Together with our employees, we have a strong tradition of supporting community-based, national, and international organizations whose missions align with the Markel Style. Below are examples in which we support local communities:

Matching gift program

  • In 2018, nearly 700 associates took advantage of our matching gift program, and Markel made matching gifts to over 500 different not-for-profit organizations in the US and Bermuda.

Corporate donations | Financial support

  • Markel regularly supports not-for-profit organizations with sponsorships, donations, and capital campaigns.

Corporate donations | In-kind giving

  • In addition to monetary support, Markel regularly provides in-kind giving in the form of donated IT equipment and office furniture.

Developing future leadership

  • Markel encourages the future development of our workforce by supporting organizations that help students navigate the challenges of higher education and pursue their desired careers.