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Your bike is uniquely yours. Your bicycle insurance policy should be too.

Chances are you know everything there is to know about cycling. But what about protecting yourself and your bike from the unexpected? Would you know how to get back on the road quickly if your bike was damaged or stolen? Get a fast, free online quote today.

See how an average homeowners insurance policy stacks up against Markel's bicycle insurance:**

Policy coverage Average homeowners policy Markel bicycle policy
Insured at full value† Not likely Yes
Crash damage No Yes
Theft coverage Limited Yes
Theft away from home Limited Yes
Vehicle contact protection No Yes
Personal liability Yes Yes
Replacement bike rental No Yes
Event fee reimbursement No Yes
Cycling apparel Not likely Yes
Medical payments Not likely Yes
Racing coverage No Yes
Spare parts insured Not likely Yes
Covered in transit Not likely Yes
Worldwide physical damage Not likely Yes
Roadside assistance Not likely Yes
Coverage for electric bikes Limited Yes

Provided for illustrative purposes only. **Terms and conditions may vary. †Your homeowners coverage may not be designed to cover your bike at full replacement cost, typically actual cash value (ACV) is offered.

Coverage for electric bikes

We also offer coverage for e-bikes with power assist up to 750 watts and top assisted speeds of 28 m.p.h.

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*As of December 2023, the minimum annual premium is $100 and rates could exceed $100 depending on the coverage options selected and value of the bicycle to be insured.