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Supplier payment process

Please see the following guidance as we further digitize how we receive invoices and make payments.

Submitting invoices

Send invoices directly to to guarantee efficient routing and timely payment. We cannot guarantee timely processing for invoices physically mailed to Markel.

Key requirements:

  • Email invoice to (this email is for submission of invoices only and is an unmonitored mailbox)
  • View sample preferred invoice template
  • Standard payment terms are 30 days
  • Payment terms commence once received
  • Mandatory fields:
    • invoice number
    • supplier name
    • address
    • date
    • amount (with currency symbol)
  • Include purchase order numbers (if applicable)
  • Include name of person requesting product or service
  • Single, electronic file including attachments
  • File format: PDF, TIFF, or JPEG (no notifications are sent for incorrect formats)
  • No handwritten invoices or notations

See our Best Practice Guidelines for additional information.

Electronic payments

All suppliers should receive payments via ACH, BACS, or electronically. If you have previously been paid via check, please email to enroll. Electronic payments are made daily, providing a quicker, more secure payment service (checks are produced on a weekly basis).

This guidance applies to supplier payments made through our Oracle Accounts Payable system and does not apply to the following: supplier payments for State National, Markel Canada or CATCo nor any claims payments or agent’s commission payments for any entity.

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