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The Markel Story

From jitneys to Fortune 500, Markel began with insurance–and became much, much more.

In 1930, Sam Markel had the dream of establishing an insurance company to insure jitney buses. He probably never imagined that one day Markel would be a Fortune 500 holding company that operates a leading specialty insurer and owns an impressive portfolio of products and services businesses. While Markel's heritage is in insurance, today we've evolved into much more. Explore our history and find out how Sam Markel and his four sons shaped our relentless pursuit of excellence in all we do for our customers, employees, and shareholders. Though it’s been over 90 years already, we believe the best is still yet to come.

At Markel

We work with a forever mindset and an appreciation for the cumulative result that develops over time.

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Explore our locations
United States – Glen Allen, Virginia
United States – Glen Allen, Virginia
United States – Glen Allen, Virginia
Asia Pacific – Dubai, UAE
Asia Pacific – Hong Kong, China
Asia Pacific – Labuan, Malaysia
Asia Pacific – Mumbai, India
Asia Pacific – Shanghai, China
Asia Pacific – Singapore
Bermuda – Hamilton, HM 11
Bermuda – Hamilton, HM 19
Bermuda – Hamilton, HM 10
Canada – Montréal, QC H3A 3C8
Canada – Toronto, ON M5V 3C7
Canada – Vancouver, BC V6E 4A6
Europe – Barcelona, Spain
Europe – Dublin, Ireland
Europe – Madrid, Spain
Europe – Munich, Germany
Europe – Paris, France
Europe – Pierrefitte-en-Auge, France
Europe – Rotterdam, Netherlands
Europe – Stockholm, Sweden
United Kingdom – Birmingham, England
United Kingdom – Bristol, England
United Kingdom – Croydon CRO 2AJ
United Kingdom – Leeds, England
United Kingdom – London EC3M 3AZ
United Kingdom – London EC3N 4AH
United Kingdom – London EC3A 8BF
United Kingdom – London EC3M 7HA
United Kingdom – Manchester, England
United Kingdom – Rugby, England
United Kingdom – Sheffield, England
United States – Alpharetta, Georgia
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United States – Chicago, Illinois
United States – Chicago, Illinois
United States – Houston, Texas
United States – Lakespur, California
United States – Lakewood, Colorado
United States – Las Vegas, Nevada
United States – Marietta, Georgia
United States – Nashville, Tennessee
United States – Nashville, Tennessee
United States – New York, New York
United States – Omaha, Nebraska
United States – Plano, Texas
United States – Plano, Texas
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