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US Claims vendor services

We partner with vendors who help us keep our promises.

Our core values are outlined in the Markel Style, which includes our creed for honesty and fairness in all our dealings and a respect for our relationships with our suppliers. With those values in mind, Markel Claims Vendor Management Office (CVMO) team works to build and maintain strong partnerships with our legal and non-legal vendors. Our goal is to serve as a valuable resource, so let us know what you need to continue or begin your partnership with Markel.

Current legal partners

Our team is focused on giving you the best experience possible within our partnership. We are eager to provide you all of the resources you need. Below, we have provided a quick list of frequently used request forms. If there are any additional resources that would be helpful, please don't hesitate to let us know.

  • Add to Panel Request & Rate Increase Request - Markel is not currently accepting requests as we work to refine our litigation panel management. Communication will be shared in the coming months to rollout a new streamlined procedure in Q3 -2023. We appreciate your continued patience.

  • Update firm information - Notify us of a change in your TIN, name, address, contact information, billing contacts, etc.

  • Request ACH/electronic payments - Sign up for electronic payments, which allow you to get your payments faster and avoid delays due to lost checks.

Future partners

Markel only partners with companies that share our values and high standards of honesty, diversity, and fairness. If your company meets that standard and you are interested in partnering with us, please request an introduction to Markel using the links provided below.
  • Request e-billing implementation - If your firm has recently been retained on a Markel claim and this is the first time we are working with your firm, you can request e-billing implementation. We use Legal Exchange (LeX) to pay our legal partners, so your firm must be implemented into the platform to submit an invoice and get payment for your services.

  • Request introduction - If you are interested in partnering with Markel and have not done so in the past, please request an introduction. Examples of partnerships include court reporting, document retrieval, education/training, independent adjustor, technology/software, etc.

  • Make legal panel request - Markel is not currently accepting applications for its legal panels.

Frequently Asked CVMO Questions