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Preparing for the unexpected.

Find a sense of comfort knowing you have a team working to resolve your claim.

Whether you are a business, organization, or individual, when the unexpected happens, we are passionate about getting you back on track.

Guiding you through the claims process.


We hold ourselves to high ethical and professional standards, consistently providing prompt, fair, and equitable claims service.


Our dedicated and empathetic claims professionals have specialized knowledge within their unique product lines.

The Markel Style

The Markel Style extends across our network of claims professionals who adhere to the standards at the core of Markel.

Additional services and insights

  • Insights and resources

    From emergency risk planning to industry insights, find helpful resources to protect you or your business.

  • Risk Solution Services

    We help guide you through the maze of risks with customized solutions designed specifically for your needs.

  • US Claims Vendor Services

    Learn more about the ways we create and maintain strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with our vendors.

US military man holding baby girl

Technology as an enabler of the claims process:

The irreplaceable role of human empathy in complex and specialized claims