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4 reasons to get e-bike insurance for your electric bicycle

With ever-evolving e-bike technology, it’s more important than ever to have the right insurance protection for your e-bike. Markel offers a stand-alone electric bicycle policy designed specifically for e-bikes and offering coverage for e-bikes up to 750 watts.

Bicycle physical damage insurance protection

Markel offers protection that will help cover or replace your bike if it is damaged, or stolen. Our customizable policies allow you to select the value of your bike, and add the coverages that fit your riding style. Physical damage protection helps cover such things as vandalism, crash damage, or collision with another rider. We offer combined single limits of $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, and $300,000 per occurrence.

Theft, replacement and transit protection

Markel understands the intricacies of owning and operating an e-bike, and can offer specialized protection for e-bikes including the following coverages at no additional cost to you.


Protection for spare parts and accessories*

Up to $500 in coverage for spare parts and $500 for riding apparel per claim ($1,000 total per policy term)


Replacement cost coverage

E-bike is insured at full value


Theft protection

At or away from home, plus Markel’s protection covers the theft of your electric bike, including your e-bike battery

*$1,000 limit per policy term for spare parts and accessories, and $1,000 limit per policy term for riding apparel.

We understand the risks of e-bikes

Bicycles and e-bikes are similar, yet different. E-bikes allow you to get to your destination faster than a regular bike, and with that, have a few different risks than a standard bike. Markel offers three classes of e-bike insurance coverage, depending on how fast the e-bike goes. 

  • Pedal assist e-bike with top assisted speed of 20 mph
  • Pedal assist e-bike with top assisted speed of 28 mph
  • Pedal assist e-bike with top assisted speed of 20 mph

Coverage for you and your ride style

Transportation. Competition, Relaxation. Markel understands that every cyclist has a different reason for riding, and can customize each bicycle insurance policy to help fit the cyclist and their particular riding style. Markel’s bicycle insurance can include protection for damage caused by theft, crash, collision, fire, attempted theft, vandalism or hitting another object. Coverage of spare parts, cycle apparel, and rental reimbursement can also be included at no additional cost.

Join over 7,500 people in the e-bike and bicycle community who trust Markel with their bikes. Don’t wait until you file a claim to find out if you have the proper insurance protection for your e-bike. Get a free, no-obligation online quote today. Policies start as low as $100 per year!

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