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Advice for controlling water damage to your studio


Dance studio owners may experience significant water damage if precautionary actions are not taken to help reduce the probability of an event occurring.  Many losses involve pipes rupturing or water leaking through roofs and ceiling tiles. 

Swift actions are often necessary to reduce destructive water damage 

Rapid response can come in many ways. Every program’s rapid response should include knowing how to shut-off water in case of an emergency. Everyone on staff should know where the emergency water shut-off valve is, how it works and where the tools are located to help shut the water off. Consider conducting frequent training scenarios that require staff to respond to emergency situations such as a ruptured pipe. A ruptured pipe can dump gallons of water in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind that commercial urinals and toilets may require additional steps to shut off the water at the source. It may be necessary for a licensed plumber to visit your studio to offer their expertise. 

Early notification of water intrusion can reduce the surprise factor associated with finding the damage hours after it occurs and can help reduce the severity of the damage. While this is not an endorsement of any product, there are a variety of water intrusion alert systems available. Along with technology, these devices can alert you as soon as water is detected. In the case of a toilet overflow, there are alarm systems that can alert you of an overflow event and automatically shut-off the water to reduce the amount of water involved. Also consider providing an adjacent business or business above you your contact information so they can quickly notify you if they have a water emergency that can impact your studio.