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Motorcycle helmet facts

The following information will help you understand the motorcycle helmet better and keep you safer on the road.

Anybody who has ever ridden a motorcycle hopefully understands the value of a motorcycle helmet. They are a motorcyclist’s best piece of equipment in defending against serious head injury. But not everyone knows the facts about helmets, or knows how to take care of one properly.

White lies about motorcycle helmets

Many people try to claim that helmets are not helpful, or even harmful to users' health, but that simply is not true. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation says that every single myth about the motorcycle helmet claiming helmets increase the likelihood of a broken neck, blocked vision, or somehow impairing a driver's hearing have all been proven untrue by science. The only thing proven about motorcycle helmets is that they increase safety.

Get the right helmet

To make sure you are getting the right helmet, you should familiarize yourself with the four main components of a helmet: the strap, padding for comfort, a liner outside of that, and then a hard shell on the exterior. Your helmet should comply with US Department of Transportation, and should fit you snugly. To find the right fit, make sure your helmet is absent of pressure points, which will cause you headaches while riding.

Taking care of your helmet

Once you have invested in a helmet, you need to make sure you take care of it to ensure it stays in peak condition at all times. Use very mild soap when you clean it, and never use strong, petroleum-based cleaning products that can chip away at the protective layers on the helmet’s shell. Try not to drop your helmet, as helmets do break down over time and every drop or ding can add up over time. Any scratches on your face shield should result in immediate replacement, as you do not want your vision obscured.

Using a helmet every time

Now that you have your helmet, you should get in the habit of using it. Trick yourself into using a helmet every time, and eventually developing the habit to do so, by just placing your ignition key by your helmet. That way, every time you pick up your motorcycle’s ignition key, you have helmet in hand as well. This is one small tip that might end up saving your life.

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