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Loading and unloading safety

Many facilities use lift trucks to move supplies and other heavy items. Using lift trucks can be very hazardous if safety procedures are not in place, practiced, and communicated. You can use the following guidelines to help prevent accidents and injuries while using lift trucks:
  • Ensure that lift truck operators have completed a certified training program and follow all safety rules, including driving at a safe speed.
  • Never allow anyone to operate a forklift if his view is obstructed.
  • Clearly mark loading zones and inspect them daily for visibility.
  • Ensure all lift trucks have a functioning backup beeper and visual backup alert.
  • Never allow any unauthorized person to operate a lift truck.
  • Police the loading/unloading process for safety and initiate corrective actions as necessary.
  • If unauthorized personnel enter the loading/unloading area, immediately stop the lift truck and do not resume operation until they leave.
If you allow clients to use dollies, hand-trucks, or other equipment, clearly post your rules of operation and make sure clients understand them. Inspect the equipment thoroughly before use and supervise clients as closely as possible. Maintain a log book that tracks your equipment inspections and maintenance procedures.