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5 tips for the perfect wedding invitations

Sending invitations for your wedding seems pretty straightforward, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are 5 tips to help you with your wedding invitations.

Your wedding invitations are a reflection of your dream wedding and a first glimpse your guests will have into your perfect day. They create excitement and announce one of the most important days of your life. That is why you want the invitation to make a wonderful first impression. To help guide you, we put together a list of tips to make sure you order the perfect wedding invitations.

5 tips for the perfect wedding invitations

  1. Set the theme

    Your invitations will most likely be the first contact point you will have with your guests and will serve as the starting point of your wedding theme. The invitation will give your guests an idea as to what your wedding will be like – black tie formal, fairytale, simple yet elegant, rustic, etc. Choose paper and colors that will reflect your style and then carry that theme throughout the rest of your wedding.

  2. Paper selection

    There are several different paper styles to choose from for your wedding invitations. Three of the most popular are heavy card stock, vellum and cotton. Heavy card stock is traditionally the most common paper used, as it is durable to withstand mail delivery and can be used as a keepsake. It also comes in great colors for weddings, which are typically cream or white. Vellum is translucent and used as a covering over thicker paper. It can be directly printed on. Cotton is a more expensive option, but it retains its beauty for years and looks elegant in an album or frame.

  3. Simple is best

    Less lines on your invitation will make it easier to read and appealing to the eyes. You only have to include the most important information on the actual invitation and use additional card enclosures or a website for more details. The invitation should include who is hosting the wedding, the couple's names, wedding date, time, ceremony location and reception to follow.

  4. Envelope etiquette

    Handwriting your guests' names and addresses on the envelope adds a personal touch and is the traditional way to go. For a great first impression, consider hiring a calligrapher to address your envelopes. Another affordable option is digital calligraphy and is a better choice than illegible handwriting. Also, it is proper to use guests' full names not nicknames when addressing your invitations.

  5. Invitation suite

    Along with the invitation, you can include a reception card, RSVP card with choice of meal, and directions. All of these elements should match to incorporate your theme. You will also want to order your programs, place cards and thank you notes at the same time to save money and to also ensure you are staying within your theme. It's recommended that you order a few extra invitations for any guest additions, if you need to send one again and to have a keepsake for your wedding album.

We hope this list of tips guides you in ordering your perfect wedding invitations.

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