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Tips on selecting your wedding reception menu

We've put together some tips to help you decide on your wedding menu to delight both you and your guests.

5 tips to creating your wedding reception menu

  1. Choose the serving style

    There are five main ways you can choose to serve your food: plated meals, buffet, family style, serving stations, or heavy appetizers served by wait staff. When selecting a style, think about how it will work within the space available as well as the formality of your event. Work with your wedding reception venue to determine which of the styles will work best for the room layout and their wait staff. Decide which of these will also fit into your budget.

  2. Seasonal options

    Consider the time of year for your wedding. Selecting wedding food options that are local and in season will be fresh and less costly because it will not need to travel a far distance. When you think about the season, you can choose options that feel right for that time of year. For example, in the heat of the summer you can serve lighter, refreshing items such as iced tea, lemonade, crisp salads, chicken, and fish. In winter, heavier selections work well such as steak, creamy soups, and hot chocolate. Another wedding food idea would be to pick a menu that complements the theme of your chosen wedding style.

  3. Incorporate your favorites

    It's your wedding, so you want to eat what you like and share it with your guests! Is there a special food item that means something to you and your partner? Maybe your first date was at an Italian restaurant, so serving chicken Parmesan is appropriate. When creating your wedding menu, give thought to what your guests might like as well. Is the wedding in an area that is known for a certain kind of food that out of town guests can't get elsewhere? Serving this local, popular food would be a great way to make your guests feel welcome in a new town. Be sure to ask the venue/caterer what their signature dishes are and what has received the best reviews.

  4. Consider food allergies and dietary needs

    It is common to give your guests a choice of two dinner options for plated meals. If you are having a buffet or serving family style, it is important to create a menu with a variety of different food items to accommodate your guests. If you know a guest has a food sensitivity or allergy, you can request that the caterer offer some options. It is nice to include a note in the invitation to contact you for special dietary requests.

  5. Aesthetically pleasing presentation

    Of course you want your meals to be delectable, but you also want the food to look appetizing. Ask your caterer how the items will be presented and if they can be creative and work with your theme. The perfect presentation adds an extra special touch that makes a great impression.

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