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Markel Risk Connect: your immediate response system

Instant communication and early control is essential to reduce cost and limit liability in the event of an environmental incident. Risk Connect makes sure all parties have the tools they need in real-time.

  • Front-end risk management
  • Quick emergency response
  • Simplified claim management
  • Exclusive tools and guides to help reduce risk in your organization

How risk connect works:

The latest in risk management, environmental incident reporting, communication, and response management technology

The Markel Risk Connect application gives Markel policyholders instant access to a comprehensive suite of reporting, communication, and environmental incident response management resources. Our professionals are ready to provide alerts, expert referrals, and reporting assistance in any US jurisdiction 24 hours per day.


Using the Markel Risk Connect app, you can report environmental incidents from almost anywhere.


Instantly notify an entire response network using easy-to-setup alert distribution groups.


Access content and relevant information in real time.

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