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Unclaimed property letter response form

If you have an interest in the funds noted in the letter you received and wish to respond electronically, please fill out the information below and submit to Markel.

To help us match your electronic response to our records, please provide the following information from the letter:

And lastly, please provide one or both of the following if we need to contact you regarding your electronic claim:

Markel and its US subsidiaries and affiliates (each, "Markel", "we" or "us") is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Markel's Privacy Policy sets out Markel's personal information collection and sharing practices in relation to the personal information that we collect and use for the administration of insurance policies, reinsurance contracts and the provision or receipt of goods or services. Markel's Privacy Policy may be located at

* California claimants, this notice is being sent because there has been no customer asset activity in the past 2 years.
* North Carolina claimants, if satisfactory proof of claim is not presented by the owner to Markel Service, Incorporated within 30 days of receipt of this letter, the property will be placed in the custody of the Treasurer, to whom all further claims shall be directed. Once property is placed in the custody of the Treasurer, all interest, dividends, income and gains earned on the property will remain with the treasurer, even if the owner subsequently reclaims the property from the treasurer.
* Texas claimants, we will be required to deliver this property to the Texas State Comptroller, on or before July 1 if the property is not claimed.
* Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Tennessee and Utah claimants, Property that is not legal tender of the United States may be sold by the state administrator.