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Available to Markel’s qualified policyholders, this confidential telephone hotline (“Hotline Service”) is staffed by attorneys who specialize in representing professionals, including by rendering advice on risk management and ethical issues and answering general risk management questions.

Hotline Service terms

Markel does not participate in hotline calls and will not have access to and will not be supplied with information about any hotline discussion.

It is agreed that policyholder's utilization of the Hotline Service shall constitute agreement by the policyholder to the following terms:

The purpose of Hotline Service is to respond to policyholders’ general risk management related questions, rather than specific legal questions. The Hotline Service does not cover such items as responding on behalf of a policyholder to a lawsuit, a charge brought before an administrative agency, or in response to a demand letter from a claimant or their attorney. Legal questions or legal advice are outside the scope of the Hotline Service.

The use of the Hotline Service may not create an attorney-client relationship with any of the Hotline Service Panel Members. Please refer to the hotline service provider’s website for the terms of engagement.

Conversations between the policyholder and the hotline service provider are totally confidential. The hotline service provider will not divulge any portion of the conversation to the insurer or to any other third party.

Utilization of this Hotline Service or notice to the hotline service provider of a claim or potential claim against a policyholder does not constitute notice to the insurance company of that claim or potential claim. The hotline service provider is under no obligation to, and will not, report such a claim or potential claim to the insurance company. The policyholder agrees to abide by the terms of the policy relative to reporting claims directly to the insurance company.

The hotline service provider cannot provide advice or representation concerning any possible disputes or controversies between the policyholder and the insurance company, including whether any particular claim or potential claim or demand against a policyholder is covered by the insurance policy. In the event of any dispute between the policyholder and the insurance company, the hotline service provider will not be called upon in any way to provide any testimony or any other evidence in connection with the dispute.

Markel disclaims any warranties or liability from use of the Hotline Service or representations made by the hotline service provider.

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