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Digital partners

Explore digital platforms and services.

The digital revolution has changed customer expectations in every industry, and insurance is no exception. Here at Markel, we partner with start-ups in the insurtech-driven ecosystem to utilize their technology to offer new insurance products and enhance existing ones. Explore digital platforms and other digital services below to find the best fit for your agency. Each of the listed insurtech-related companies offers their own unique services.

Digital partners

Digital platforms enable agencies to utilize APIs, which allow for efficient sharing of data, simultaneous communication with multiple parties, and replacement of historic paper or manual data entry in multiple systems.

Interested in gaining access to our digital platform partners?

Some of our partners include:

  • Bold Penguin
  • ClarionDoor, a Zywave company
  • I-Engineering
  • Semsee
  • Tarmika
  • Wheelhouse by Talage

Additional digital services

Insurtech start-ups have the potential to provide new services or improve existing ones. Offering short-term insurance policies, enhancing online presence, and making it easier to navigate carrier appetite to find coverage are some of the ways digital services are helping agents and brokers. Want to learn more about other digital services?

Some of our partners with additional digital services include:

  • AskKodiak
  • Thimble

Frequently asked questions

Read our FAQs to learn more about APIs and how you can potentially work with Markel.