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Exclusive opportunity for Markel agents

As bicycle and e-bikes become more and more popular, Markel continues to be the leader in providing complete bicycle insurance coverage, at an affordable price. Establishing relationships with bike shops in your area can propel your bicycle insurance business forward. Before you go into these shops, be sure to order some free brochures to bring along. Bringing these brochures along is a service to both the bike shop and the bicyclists.

Markel knows bikes, and we know what our riders need.

We offer customizable polices to cover things like spare parts, cycling apparel and accessories–all things that are not typically covered by a homeowners policy.

Markel supports the racing community and doesn’t exclude racing on our bicycle policies so any coverage (physical damage, liability and medial payments) are in full force while competition in a racing event.

Accidents happen, that’s what were here for. In the unfortunate event that a rider experiences a flat tire, broken chain, etc, Markel’s nationwide 24-hour emergency service will provide 35 miles of transportation to get the cyclist and their bike home safely.

Ready to partner with your local bike shops?

Markel is happy to send brochures directly to your customer’s bike shop or to your agency. Complete the form below to get started.

Fields with an asterisk (*) are required. Once your brochure request is submitted, your brochures will be sent out within 3 to 5 business days.