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Exclusive opportunity for Markel agents

Looking for an easy way to offer 1-day event insurance for your clients? For over 15 years, Markel has been the leader in providing complete event insurance coverage at an affordable price. Request free marketing brochures to get insurance protection for you and your clients.

With Markel you can:

Protect your clients

Our event insurance is an easy and affordable insurance solution for your clients. A free quote takes only a few minutes online or over the phone.

Protect your business

By requiring your clients secure Markel event insurance for their special day, you can potentially help decrease your own business liability risk.

Additional benefits:

  • Insurance protection for your clients (and you!)
  • Free brochures to give to your clients - we do all of the work for you!
  • Specialized protection - our policies are guaranteed to meet any venue's insurance requirements, or money back!
  • Policies as low as $75
  • Policies can be purchased online or over the phone in minutes

Want to protect your clients right away?

Download the electronic version of our event insurance brochure today. Or, you can also sign up to receive a free event insurance brochure kit.

Download event insurance brochure

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