Our promise to you

At Markel, we hold the individual's right to self-determination in the highest light, providing an atmosphere in which people can reach their personal potential.

  • Seeking to be a market leader in a competitive market requires continuous growth and innovation so that we exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • We view education as an ongoing endeavor, and we foster a learning culture which ranges from early careers programs to best-in-class leadership development initiatives tailored to meet the specific needs of each employee's career journey.

We aim to develop and maintain a learning culture across the organization so that individual and team potential is maximized.

Markel's competitive rewards and benefits offering allows employees to balance home and work and maintain wellness for themselves and their families.

Global employee rewards and benefits

In keeping with the values of the Markel Style, we strive to support our employees in living their lives to the fullest at home and at work. We offer compelling and competitive benefits programs that help to meet our diverse and changing environment and support employees’ needs at all stages of life.
Please note that benefits programs offered or automatically provided, options to alter coverage level and/or add dependents, coverage eligibility and costs, vary by region, country, and job position. You will be informed of the country-specific benefits available to you during the recruiting process.
Markel employee working at desk

Our culture

The Markel Style brings our culture to life and allows us to meet the needs of our customers within a wide range of industries. But the Markel Style also applies to our people, and we have five distinct areas of focus: