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Warranty and Indemnity (W&I)

We provide cover to the buyer in mergers and acquisitions, including both funds and corporations. We insure transactions across most sectors and specialise in professional services, financial institutions, technology, media, consumer and energy.

Our focus is on SME transactions, providing cover for enterprise values up to USD/GBP/EUR 200 million and specialising in the USD/GBP/EUR 10 million – 125 million range. Through our insurance company and Lloyd’s syndicate, we can write business on a worldwide basis (excluding sanctioned territories), with a particular focus on target companies in the U.K. and Europe.

W&I coverage options

We can offer line sizes up to USD/GBP/EUR 25m on Company or Lloyd's paper
We can write business worldwide (excluding sanctioned territories) with a particular focus on the U.K. and Europe
We write business on a primary basis

Key coverages include:

Our cover is for breaches of warranties and claims under the tax covenant in the purchase agreement. By leveraging Markel’s expertise in its market-leading sectors, we identify the core risk areas of the business being sold to insure unknown risks after sensible due diligence. Whether it’s title, the accounts, compliance with laws, contractual or tax, we help remove uncertainty in the value being placed on the target company.

  • Clean exit for the seller
  • Strong single counterparty recourse for the buyer
  • Bid enhancement for prospective buyers
  • Streamlined underwriting
  • Bespoke terms
  • Commercially-minded portfolio approach
  • Multi-line insurance support
  • Dedicated and aligned claims-handling

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United Kingdom

Bryan Dressler
Senior Underwriter & Head of W&I