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Trade credit, political risk, and surety

Our trade credit, political risk, and surety team offers deep knowledge of commercial counterparty and country risks across a wide variety of trade sectors and markets.

We know that trade risks are among the most complex, and our financial strength ratings show that we’re trusted the world over to really understand them. Our expertise and underwriting capabilities give you the confidence to carry on with trading, knowing you’re protected in an ever-changing risk environment.

We take pride in building relationships with the businesses we insure, so you can talk to your underwriter at any time, knowing they have the authority to make final decisions and give expert advice. As a leading Lloyd’s syndicate, as well as operating independently on company paper, we cover most of the world. We’re a preferred insurance partner because of our partnership approach, because we understand our clients’ business needs, and because we provide the most comprehensive cover in an environment that can change in an instant.

The key benefits we provide for our clients include: security of non-cancellable credit and country limits; balance sheet and cash flow protection; improved terms for bank financing facilities; bonds and guarantees to assist with working capital management; an effective alternative to letters of credit or other types of collateral; full suite of political risk cover to manage emerging market risk; and risk transfer to satisfy capital adequacy requirements.

Our considered approach means we create the solutions that best suit you, tailoring our trade and surety policies for specific credit risks, markets, and contingencies, however unusual they may be. We evolve as the sector and the world change, so you can always rely on us to liberate your business from the unknown and you can carry on achieving your best.