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Markel Personal Lines resource center

As a market leader in specialty insurance, Markel prides itself on making it easy to do business with us. Below are some useful tools and resources to help grow your business with Markel.*

Event tools and resources

Our event insurance provides coverage for all of your client's special events—weddings, anniversary parties, retirement parties, and more! Learn how customizable and affordable Markel's event coverage is and how it can help protect your clients.

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  • Program documents

  • Marketing materials

  • On-demand training

    Event Magic quote training series
    To help familiarize yourself on quoting special events in Magic, check out the on-demand training videos below that will walk you through each tab in the Magic system.

    Starting a new quote – Learn how to start a new quote in Magic, the Markel Personal Lines policy administration system.

    Marketing tab – Learn how to navigate the Marketing tab in Magic, and what information needs to be entered about the event to obtain the most accurate quote.

    Owner Personal tab – Learn how to navigate the Owner Information tab in Magic, and what information needs to be entered for the specific event that is being quoted.

    Venue tab – Learn how to navigate the Venue Details tab, and what information about the event location needs to be entered in Magic.

    Coverage tab – Learn the difference between event cancellation and event liability and how the coverages are quoted in the Magic system.

    Submission tab – Learn how to navigate the Submission tab in the Magic system.

    Payment Processing and Policy Output tab – Learn how payments are processed for event policies, and what policy documents are generated upon issuance.

Do you have wedding venues in your area? Request free event insurance brochures from Markel and make it easy for people to contact you for their event insurance needs.

*If you are a Markel Specialty Commercial producer and your agreement does not include personal lines products, please click here to start the process of amending your Markel contract. You may not begin to solicit Markel personal lines products until an amendment has been completed. Insurance, coverage, and discounts are subject to availability and qualifications and may not be available in all states.