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Commercial and residential services

Markel offers affordable business insurance coverage for commercial and residential service businesses.

Thousands of businesses have purchased insurance coverage from us for their commercial or residential service business. We offer a variety of affordable insurance solutions designed for businesses like yours. 

Why is insurance for commercial and residential service businesses important?

In your line of business, you are usually in someone’s home, yard or office and performing work that may require ladders, mechanical equipment, dangerous chemicals and the ability to cause a lot of damage or injury very quickly. And yet, you might still have a standard business insurance policy. Insurance policies specifically designed for commercial and residential services can help better protect your business.

Types of companies

Artisan contractors

Coverages for carpet cleaners, electricians, fence contractors, lawn sprinkler installers and more.

Janitorial services

Coverage options for janitorial service businesses including property, liability, workers compensation coverage, and more.

Lawn care

Lawn care and maintenance, sod and turf installation, pesticide and herbicide application, tree and plant installation and more.

Pest control

Pest control and termite operations, wildlife control, lawn spraying and fumigators.