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Markel offers coverage specifically designed for pest control operators.

Your business is all about keeping unhealthy little critters out of people's lives. But to keep your business healthy, you need insurance coverage specifically created for professional pest control operators.

Why is insurance for pest control operators important?

You have probably spent more than one sleepless night thinking about the many ways your business could get sued. If you overlook termite damage, misapply chemicals, or stain or damage your client’s property, you could be responsible for paying these out of your own pocket if you don't have proper insurance.

Insurance for your pest and termite control business can help protect you if something goes wrong and can cover you for property, general liability, professional liability, excess liability and even cover mortality for your bed bug sniffing dogs. 

What we offer

Markel provides a wide range of coverages for over 5,000 operators in the pest control business including:

  • Pest control operators
  • Termite operators
  • Termite/WDI/O inspectors
  • Wild life control
  • Lawn spraying
  • Fumigators

Our coverages can include:

General liability
Commercial general liability coverage in insurance policies can provide coverage for pest control operators in the event of unforeseen claims and lawsuits. It covers settlements, awards, and the legal cost to defend you, your organization, and your employees.

Professional liability
Professional liability coverage for your employees is included at no additional cost with your general liability policy.

Excess liability
Can cover losses that may exceed your policy limits. Catastrophic losses such as a death, a major chemical spill, an injured worker or an auto accident can cost more than the typical policy limit.

Commercial property insurance can cover your property – buildings, sheds, offices. Enhancements you can add to this coverages can include small tools and equipment coverage, and more.

Business income
This type of coverage is invaluable if your business is temporarily closed due to a covered loss. This insurance can cover your lost income and continuing expenses during the “period of restoration.” With this important coverage, your lawn care operation can receive the revenues it would have earned had there been no loss.

A workers compensation policy can cover expenses resulting from on-the-job injuries including lost wages and benefits, medical care and rehabilitation services, legal representation and compliance services.

Limited mold coverage
Can cover for bodily injury or property damage resulting from a fungi or bacteria incident that was caused from your business operations.

Inspection for termites, wood destroying insects and organism, up to policy limits.

Fumigation coverage
Can cover for bodily injury or property damage resulting from a fumigation your business performed.

Herbicide/pesticide application
Can cover misapplication of herbicide/pesticides.

Completed operations
Can cover damage to your client’s property or injuries to your client after your job has been completed.

Personal and advertising injury
Can cover lawsuits resulting from advertisements you’ve placed to promote your business (I.E. libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and misappropriation of advertising ideas).

Care, custody and control
Can cover damage to your client’s property that is in your care, custody or control.

Contractual liability
Can cover lawsuits arising from damages you assumed responsibility for in a contract.

Premises liability
Can cover you if someone (other than you or your employees) is injured on your client’s property due to an unsafe condition caused by your operations.

Medical payments
Can reimburse others for covered medical expenses they incurred from bodily injury or death caused by you, regardless of whether or not you were actually at fault.

Fire legal liability
Can cover fire damage caused by your business operations.

Job site pollution up to policy limits.

Transit pollution up to policy limits.

Blanket additional insured including completed operations, waiver of subrogation, per project aggregate and primary non contributory.

Get the insurance protection you deserve. 

Contact one of our appointed Markel agents to get an insurance quote for your pest control business today. 

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