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Hospital fleet

From your ambulances to your mobile testing vans, we aim to help you protect them all. 

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Coverage for a range of vehicles in your hospital fleet—both emergency and non-emergency.

At your hospital, the term “medical transportation” can apply to many different kinds of vehicles–some are complex emergency vehicles and some may be basic sedans used for home health calls. You should aim to have all the vehicles in your hospital fleet be covered together for liability and damage.

Why is insurance for hospital fleets important? 

With so many different vehicles out on the road, insuring against liability for traffic accidents is obvious. But what happens if the driver of a transport vehicle suddenly slams on the brakes and a wheelchair patient tips over? Or a gurney drops while unloading a patient from an ambulance? Or someone trips walking up the steps into your mobile mammography unit?

In our litigious society, you must be prepared for claims and lawsuits aimed at your private and non-emergency medical transportation vehicles. 

What we offer

Markel hospital fleet insurance policy is specifically designed for the medical transportation industry including: 

  • Emergency and non-emergency transportation
  • Passenger vans
  • Shuttle buses
  • Mobile testing vehicles
  • Trucks used for landscaping and maintenance

We also offer coverage for ambulance services.

Our coverages can include:

Commercial automobile liability 
Commercial automobile liability can provide insurance protection for covered accidents and injuries you incur for your own covered vehicles in addition to the bodily injury and property damage sustained by others involved in the covered accident if you are at fault. Markel’s commercial automobile liability can cover settlements, awards and the legal cost to defend your organization and your employees.

Inland marine
Optional inland marine coverage is available if your valuable medical equipment sustains damage by a covered peril.

Audio, visual and data electronic equipment coverage
Coverage can be provided to repair or replace damaged audio, visual and electronic equipment installed on your covered vehicle.

Help protect your property, people and patients.

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