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Maine warning stickers

For over 5 years, Markel has provided warning stickers for rental vessels at Markel insured rental facilities, free of charge. These stickers have proven to prevent and reduce loss.

Warning stickers must be properly affixed to all Markel insured watercraft at all times. Please note: by providing warning disclosure stickers, no legal liability or extra-contractual coverage is created or accepted beyond the limits of coverage afforded by your policy.

Please complete the form below to order replacement stickers for your Markel insured runabouts, pontoons, or PWCs.

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All boating units

This 3”x5” disclosure sticker should be placed on the helm of runabouts, cruisers, and pontoons, and near the handlebars on PWCs.


This 5”x7” disclosure sticker should be placed in a highly visible location in the seating area of runabouts and cruisers.


This 7”x10” disclosure sticker should be placed on the inside of the front pontoon gate, so all participants can see it.


This 3”x5” disclosure sticker should be placed on the side of the vessel that is boarded most often; visible for the passenger when boarding and in the water.

Please select the quantity for each sticker type.

Note: Markel will only provide stickers to vessels that are insured on a Markel Tradesman marine rental policy.