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Funds disbursement

Ensure funds are used properly.

Funds Disbursement Services, also known as funds control, is the process whereby a contractor's accounts payable functions are outsourced to a third party on a per project basis.

These services are intended to ensure that the project owner's proceeds are used for the intended project and not being diverted by the contractor to pay for other work. FDS eliminates the ability of a contractor to comingle funds of multiple projects.

Leverage existing resources to enhance credit.

Markel's dedicated FDS team will manage the pay application and disbursement process of your project. This process can often be used as a credit enhancement tool, that may allow a project owner or surety to leverage the resources a contractor already has to extend or increase surety credit beyond that for which they may otherwise qualify.

We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our partners through open communication and reliable, responsive support to lower loss ratios and improve profitability.

For more information on Markel's funds disbursement services, contact:

Cathy Schernik
Funds Disbursement Services Manager