Do you believe in forever?

We are looking for the optimists. The visionary problem-solvers who believe that life’s greatest ambitions shouldn’t fade in the wake of all the things that could go wrong. The people willing to work hard together to protect our customers against the biggest and most complex risks, and have fun doing it.

It’s a promise to serve others that we’ll hold on to forever, and we’d like you to help us keep it.
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We are not just experts in managing and leveraging life’s biggest risks. We are a culture guided by a creed and on a mission to build an organization that will serve generations to come.
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Markel has opportunities for professionals just starting their careers. Students from all majors and subject areas are encouraged to apply.


Diversity and inclusion

Our mission

We are on a mission to build one of the world's great companies. This is an enduring journey, because we don't define greatness in terms of short-term growth goals or market share. We define greatness by our ability to serve the needs of those around us long-term.
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Diversity and inclusion

Our journey over the last 90 years was powered by bold ideas and diverse perspectives, and our commitment to diversity and inclusion will ensure that we always have both.

Explore our locations

Explore our locations
United States – Glen Allen, Virginia
United States – Glen Allen, Virginia
United States – Glen Allen, Virginia
Asia Pacific – Dubai, UAE
Asia Pacific – Hong Kong, China
Asia Pacific – Labuan, Malaysia
Asia Pacific – Mumbai, India
Asia Pacific – Shanghai, China
Asia Pacific – Singapore
Bermuda – Hamilton, HM 11
Bermuda – Hamilton, HM 10
Canada – Montréal, QC H3A 3C8
Canada – Toronto, ON M5V 3C7
Canada – Vancouver, BC V6E 4A6
Europe – Barcelona, Spain
Europe – Dublin, Ireland
Europe – Madrid, Spain
Europe – Munich, Germany
Europe – Paris, France
Europe – Pierrefitte-en-Auge, France
Europe – Rotterdam, Netherlands
Europe – Stockholm, Sweden
United Kingdom – Birmingham, England
United Kingdom – Bristol, England
United Kingdom – Croydon CRO 2AJ
United Kingdom – Leeds, England
United Kingdom – London EC3M 3AZ
United Kingdom – London EC3N 4AH
United Kingdom – London EC3A 8BF
United Kingdom – London EC3M 7HA
United Kingdom – Manchester, England
United Kingdom – Rugby, England
United Kingdom – Sheffield, England
United States – Alpharetta, Georgia
United States – Austin, Texas
United States – Bedford, Texas
United States – Chicago, Illinois
United States – Houston, Texas
United States – Lakespur, California
United States – Las Vegas, Nevada
United States – Nashville, Tennessee
United States – New York, New York
United States – Omaha, Nebraska
United States – Plano, Texas
United States – Plano, Texas
United States – Portland, Oregon
United States – Providence, Rhode Island
United States – Red Bank, New Jersey
United States – Rosemont, Illinois
United States – San Antonio, Texas
United States – San Diego, California
United States – San Francisco, California
United States – Scottsdale, Arizona
United States – Summit, New Jersey
United States – Tampa, Florida
United States – Vancouver, Washington
United States – Warrenton, Virginia
United States – Waukesha, Wisconsin
United States – Westminster, California
United States – Woodland Hills, California