From insurance to reinsurance to fronting, we help our customers manage life's most complex risks.

  • In each of our businesses, we seek to deliver innovative products and responsive customer service so that we can be a market leader.
  • Markel offers specialty insurance for a variety of niche businesses across the globe.
  • Our employees have a wide variety of educational backgrounds and experience levels with opportunities in underwriting, claims, information technology, finance, and many more.

Our philosophy

Our win-win-win philosophy means our employees win by creating fulfilling careers, our customers win by finding protection against life’s biggest risks, and our shareholders win by earning good returns on their capital. This company was born from the belief that life’s greatest ambitions shouldn’t fade in the wake of all of the things that could go wrong.

Our culture is guided by a creed we call the Markel Style, which ensures that our greatest qualities endure across the generations of people who have been a part of Markel.

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Diversity and inclusion

We believe a fully diverse and inclusive culture will allow us innovate faster, deliver a compelling employee and customer experience, and have a strong brand presence in the communities and markets where we do business.
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