Our terrorism team provides insurance protection on a worldwide basis (excluding sanctioned territories) against physical damage, business interruption, and contingency losses directly caused by acts of war, terrorism, and political violence.

  • Includes coverage for strikes, riots, civil commotion, insurrection, coup d’état, war, civil war, and counter-insurgency.
  • We also provide coverage against losses sustained in the aftermath of an active assailant or hostage event.
  • The underwriting team is supported by our experienced claims team.

Marine terrorism coverage options

Terrorism/strikes, riots, civil commotion, malicious damage/war, and political violence

We can offer coverage amounts up to:

  • Terrorism/SRCCMD: $75m
  • War and political violence: $20m

Key coverages include:

  • Physical damage to first-party property
  • Business interruption following physical damage to first-party property
  • Bodily injury to third parties
  • Physical damage to third-party property
  • Physical damage to first-party property caused by cyber terrorism
  • Operators’ extra expense
  • Event cancellation
  • Long periods for construction projects
  • Contingency

Active assailant

We can offer cover on Company paper, maximum line size available:

  • Active assailant: $30m
  • Loss of attraction: $10m
  • Threat: $30m

Active assailant key coverages include:

  • Medical expenses and counseling costs
  • Crisis management service – pre/post-loss advice and support
  • Business interruption following property damage and/or bodily injury
  • Physical damage to first-party property
  • Extra expenses
    • Employee retraining
    • Recruitment costs

Loss of attraction key coverages include:
Non-damage business interruption cover

  • No requirement for first-party property damage trigger
  • Responds to losses suffered in the aftermath of a terrorist or active assailant incident within 3,000 feet

Threat key coverages include:
Business interruption as a result of the threat of terrorism

  • No property damage trigger required
  • Threat reported within 1,500 feet