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Our terrorism team provides protection on a worldwide basis (excluding sanctioned territories) against physical damage, business interruption and contingency losses directly caused by acts of war, terrorism, and political violence.

This includes cover for strikes, riots, civil commotion, insurrection, coup d’état, war, civil war, and counter-insurgency. We also provide cover against losses sustained in the aftermath of an active assailant or hostage event. The underwriting team is supported by our experienced, in-house claims team.

Marine terrorism coverage options

Terrorism/strikes, riots, civil commotion, malicious damage/war, and political violence.

We can offer cover on Company or Lloyd's paper, maximum line size available:

  • Terrorism / SRCCMD: $75m
  • War and Political Violence: $20m

Key coverages include:

  • Physical damage to first-party property
  • Business interruption following physical damage to first-party property
  • Bodily injury to third parties
  • Physical damage to third party property
  • Physical damage to first-party property caused by cyber terrorism
  • Operators’ extra expense
  • Event cancellation
  • Long periods for construction projects
  • Contingency

Active assailant

We can offer cover on Company or Lloyd's paper, maximum line size available:

  • Active Assailant: $30m
  • Loss of Attraction: $10m
  • Threat: $30m

Active assailant key coverages include:

  • Medical expenses and counseling costs
  • Crisis management service – pre/post-loss advice and support
  • Business interruption following property damage and/or bodily injury
  • Physical damage to first-party property
  • Extra expenses
    • Employee retraining
    • Recruitment costs

Loss of attraction key coverages include:

  • Non-damage business interruption cover
    • No requirement for first-party property damage trigger
    • Responds to losses suffered in the aftermath of a terrorist or active assailant incident within 3,000 feet

Threat key coverages include:

  • Business interruption as a result of the threat of terrorism
    • No property damage trigger required
    • Threat reported within 1,500 feet

Contact our experts

United Kingdom

Edward Winter
Director of Terrorism

Chloe Gordge
Senior Underwriter – Terrorism

William Newman
Senior Underwriter – Terrorism

Sophie Bailey
Underwriter – Terrorism

Brook Styles
Underwriter – Cargo, Specie, Terrorism

Matthew Brooke
Underwriter – Terrorism

Sarah Shiner
Underwriting Assistant – Terrorism

Glen Porter
Underwriting Assistant – Terrorism

United States

Ben Wakeham
Senior Underwriter & Head of Terrorism North America

Jim Taylor
Director, US Business Development


Colin Fordham
Senior Underwriter & Director

Hui Zhi Pek
Underwriter, War and Terrorism


Qianhai Hu
Underwriting Director – China

Helena Zhang
Business Development Director


Deepika Mathur
Managing Director – India

Anirudh Singh
Chief Underwriting Officer – India

Steffi Miranda

United Arab Emirates

Rahul Shah
Senior Underwriter – Terrorism