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Our specie team offers a range of fine art, specie, jewelers' block, and cash in transit products on a worldwide basis, with a particular focus on the US and Asia (excluding sanctioned territories).

Markel's longstanding team can tailor wording to suit client requirements from those operating at individual locations through to those operating on a global basis.

Specie coverage options

Markel can offer line sizes up to $120m on Company paper or $100m on Lloyd's paper, and we write business on a primary and excess basis. Policy coverage is generally on an all risks of physical loss or damage.

Key coverages include:

  • Fine art (private collections, museums, exhibitions, galleries, and dealers)
  • Bullion and precious metals
  • Diamonds, precious, and semi-precious stones
  • Cash and securities
  • Mining risks (diamonds and raw minerals prior to refining)
  • Jewelers’ block
  • Cash in transit

Contact our experts

United States

Payce Louis
Director of Underwriting and Production Fine Arts

David Thompson
Underwriter – Specie

Christina Ross
Account Executive

United Kingdom

Daniel McCarthy
Director of Marine

Robert Ashby
Senior Underwriter & Head of Specie

Max Elliot
Underwriter – Specie

Brook Styles
Underwriter – Cargo, Specie, Terrorism

Dominic Dahmen
Underwriting Assistant – Specie


Colin Fordham
Senior Underwriter & Director

Janita Leu
Senior Underwriter

Dawn Soh
Assistant Underwriter


Qianhai Hu
Underwriting Director – China


Anirudh Singh
Chief Underwriting Officer – India

Deepika Mathur
Managing Director – India