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Cyber 360

We designed Cyber 360 to safeguard businesses before, during, and after a cyber-attack, to make sure you are protected and covered.

Through our panel of experts, we offer a range of resources to support you when you need it most. From breach response, incident management, legal, forensic investigation, credit monitoring, and call center management, loss control, and public relations, we’re with you. And our 24/7 claims line means you can contact us any time a cyber attack happens.

Cyber coverage options

We offer line sizes up to £/€/$10m on Company or Lloyd's paper. In Asia, our local currency maximum line sizes are HKD 75m and SGD 10m. We write business on a primary and excess basis, and we write business on a worldwide basis (excluding sanctioned territories). Key coverages include:

First-party loss (on a first-discovered basis)

  • Privacy breach notification and mitigation costs
  • System and data rectification costs, including bricking, to full limit
  • Business interruption extends to critical service providers, system failures, and preventative shutdown
  • Extortion costs cover
  • Regulatory investigations, and fines, including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Third-party liability

  • Cyber and privacy liability
  • E-media
  • Professional and technology services liability

We participate on global cyber programs, for the very largest global cyber risks, whether on a co-insurance, excess layer, or primary basis. We will consider a direct or reinsurance basis, and are happy to work with self-insurance or captive backdrops.

We can also consider cyber binding authorities, lineslips, providing capacity to Managing General Agents (MGAs), or via similar facilities where small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) cyber is often transacted. We recognize the need for efficiency in this small business context.

While our Markel Cyber 360 policy is a standalone primary cyber insurance product, typically for entities with revenues between £/€/$25m and £/€/$1Bn, we are happy to consider sizes outside this range.

We target a wide spectrum of industries and have the flexibility to consider the unusual.

Risk management services

Markel offers a variety of risk management resources and services to our Cyber 360 customers, including:
  • Penetration testing
  • Breach response
  • Legal
  • Incident management
  • Forensic investigation
  • Credit monitoring
  • Public relations
  • Loss control and education

Our partners

Click to learn more about the companies that Markel contracts with to provide Cyber 360 policyholder services.

Contact our experts

United Kingdom

Chris Burgess
Director of Cyber

Ed Rawe
Cyber Manager

Dan Fox
Cyber Manager

Dan Wall

Tom Hudson

Charlotte Nicholls

James Loraine

Oliver Carroll

Kendall Jordan
Assistant Underwriter

Jessie Mason
Assistant Underwriter

Thomas Sutton
Graduate Underwriting Assistant


Christopher Kelen
Assistant Vice President


Simon Moi
Senior Underwriter


Deepika Mathur
Managing Director – India

Priyanka Gautama
Chief Underwriting Officer – India

Hong Kong

Gordon Lam
Senior Underwriter

Ada Lam
Senior Underwriter