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Does your screening program mean something?

It’s important to understand what it takes to create a successful and meaningful background screening program that is legally compliant and provides real value – not just a report.

We provide you with a combination of multiple elements working in tandem to provide you with a positive experience and confidence in your hiring process. Our uniqueness is the value of the “entire package” you receive when conducting background screening with IntelliCorp.

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Download the IntelliCorp flyer

Get our Markel discounted criminal package and other products that include:

  • Federal criminal searches
  • Adverse action letters
  • Motor vehicle reports
  • Drug testing
  • Employment verifications
  • Credit reports
  • Education verifications
  • I9/E-Verify

You’ll receive:

  • Criminal product validation & strong data
  • FCRA Compliance resources
  • Applicant Self-Service Portals
  • Best-in-class & U.S. based client service
  • System & product training sessions
  • Strict privacy & security

In 2018, our customers helped us achieve the number one ranking on HRO Today magazine’s Baker’s Dozen list of the top 13 midsize-program screening providers, and the top spot on the quality of service list.


These discounts are available to existing policyholders only. Purchase of services is not required for coverage. In making these discounts available, Markel is not endorsing these products, making any warranty (including any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose) or guarantee with respect to the products or assuming any liability for any damages that may result from their use.