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SKILLS eLearning targets driver behaviors.

The online program combines an assessment-based learning tool that cuts costs, injuries and liability exposure. 

SKILLS eLearning is a highly interactive program that puts you “virtually” behind-the-wheel for a Hazard Assessment and includes 6 or 12 modules, delivered monthly on any hand-held device or computer connected to the Internet. SKILLS does all of the administration, scoring and reporting. Our cloud-based Mobile Defensive Driver Training gives companies more choices to identify, mitigate and monitor risk in all classes of vehicles (1-8).

Visit to learn more. Select Markel Skills Driving eLearning from the home menu to speak with a trusted advisor.

SKILL Programs

  • Perception analysis + 12 modules (online) - risk assessment program with 12 assigned modules.
  • Hazard perception analysis + 6 modules (online) - risk assessment program with 6 assigned modules.

Online e-Learning Programs

Vehicle Types Class 1-8

Cost/ Driver

Hazard perception + 12 modules

Passenger vehicle/vans, light and medium duty, CDL

$85.00 per person

Hazard perception + 6 modules

Passenger vehicle/vans, light and medium duty, CDL

$60.00 per person

Certificate of completion for company and driver



Free secondary driver for all online training



100% of all administration, reminders, 24/7 technical inquiries handled by SKILLS



Annual review, custom reporting, metrics, industry comparatives, compliance



Administrative setup

$10.00 per person fee to set up student/year.



Set up and administration

  • SKILLS handles 100% of administration/reminders/invoicing for clients, all technical calls (24/7), annual reviews and monthly/quarterly report to Markel.
  • SKILLS will provide verbiage, videos and logos for website/collateral.
  • SKILLS will promptly support any/all calls, proposals and presentations.
  • SKILLS will offer “Markel pricing” for SKILLS alert driving programs.
  • All Markel/SKILLS business will be independently contracted through SKILLS agreement.

The following access link to SKILLS Alert Driving is being provided to you as a courtesy to provide additional risk reduction services, through Markel Service, Incorporated. You may or may not be a policyholder of Markel Service, Incorporated at the time of accessing SKILLS Alert Driving. Use of our code to access reduced cost educational modules does not imply you have commercial or personal insurance with us, or that any policy provided by Markel Service, Incorporated is enforce and will provide coverage for a loss; nor are we endorsing these products or services, making any warranty (including any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose) or guarantee with respect to the products or services or assuming any liability for any damages that may result from their use. Please refer to SKILLS Alert Driving for any questions and to determine what works best for you personally or your business. Markel Service, Incorporated may receive compensation from vendor relationships.

When accessing SKILLS Alert Driving you will be entering into their application and will need to acknowledge their privacy and terms and conditions. Acknowledgement of their terms and conditions does not create or change your relationship with us nor does it amend or alter any term or condition of policy or the terms or conditions of use of our systems or website.