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Child care and enrichment

While you're looking out for the kids, Markel is looking out for you.

By insuring your business with Markel, you can customize your policy to your type of organization—from in-home daycare to tutoring services.  With over 30 years of experience, we help you determine the appropriate types of coverages to help protect your organization, employees and children, and provide loss control and risk management resources to help reduce incidents from occurring. Our flexible payment options as well as affordable premiums allow you to create a policy that works with your budget. 

Why is insurance for child care and enrichment businesses important?

Child care and enrichment is a specialized undertaking. Your participants are probably minors. You may use volunteers. You have sensitive information stored digitally. You may bring professionals such as counselors, social workers and psychologists on staff. In addition, you have all the general liability and property damage concerns of any other organization or business. Insurance options and access to extensive risk management programs can help reduce your risks.

Types of companies

Commercial child care

Flexible, affordable coverage for many different types and sizes of daycare facilities.

Educational enrichment

Insurance for educational businesses with a broad selection of coverages for many different educational enrichment programs.

In-home daycare

A variety of coverages available at an affordable price, all built specifically with the in-home child care provider in mind.