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Help protect your children, your business assets and your business.

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Working with youngsters can be thrilling and rewarding. Let’s keep it that way.

Markel can provide you with customizable insurance products along with knowledgeable, friendly claims and loss prevention professionals to help you when you need it the most. We have a variety of coverage available at an affordable price, all built specifically with the in-home daycare provider in mind.

Why is insurance for in-home daycare businesses important?

Did you know your in-home daycare may NOT be covered by your homeowner’s policy? Typical homeowners policies only offer you liability coverage for your personal exposures and excludes liability coverage for family day care activities. That means in the event your in-home child care business were to be sued, your personal assets like your home and savings could be at risk.

So whether you are caring for 1 or 18 children, we can offer a customizable insurance solution to help keep you protected.

What we offer

Markel in-home daycare insurance can offer the right insurance coverage for you and your business.

General liability
General liability insurance coverage can cover bodily injury and property damage for your in-home daycare business.

Abuse and molestation
We offer this critical coverage that can potentially step in and cover defense or monetary judgment against your business.

Legal defense protection included
Your insurance coverage can also include legal defense services in the event you are sued by the injured party. 

Accident medical
Accident medical insurance can cover children’s medical bills if they are injured in your care, or if their bills exceed what their parent’s medical/health insurance pays.

Affordable premiums with financing options
Our flexible payment options and our affordable premiums can work with most budgets, and still allow you to get the most out of your policy.

Variety of limits available
Whether you’re caring for 1 child or 18 children, we provide different insurance coverage limits to help meet your needs.

Coverage is written on an occurrence basis
Even if a claim is reported after your policy expires, you can still potentially have coverage if that claim occurred during the policy period.

Additional insured
Landlords or resource and referral agencies can be added at no additional cost.

  • Frequently asked questions about in-home child care insurance

    Does this program offer automobile liability?
    At this time this program does not offer automobile insurance.

    Does this program offer property insurance?
    At this time this program does not offer property insurance.

    Does this program offer homeowners insurance?
    At this time this program does not offer homeowners insurance.

    How much coverage do I need?
    This is a question that only you can answer. You need to be sure  you're protecting your current assets as well as any future assets and earnings you may have. The highest limit of insurance available under this program is $1,000,000 per occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate. If you have additional questions, speak to your attorney or a licensed Markel Specialty representative.

    How do I cancel my policy?
    A written request must be submitted including your policy number, the date you want to terminate your insurance coverage and the reason for the cancellation request. Premium refunds are typically mailed out on the 15th day of the month following the processed cancellation.

    How do I contact my in-home Markel insurance representative?
    There are many ways to communicate with us.


    In-Home Child Care
    4521 Highwoods Parkway
    Glen Allen, VA 23068

    Phone: +1.888.515.8537

    Fax: 678-290-2200

Our in-home daycare insurance is flexible and affordable.

Start your in-home daycare insurance quote today and get the coverage you need.

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