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Sports and fitness

Designed to help you keep your business going strong.

Help keep your healthy business in tip-top shape with a Markel insurance policy. Not only are our policies affordable, but we back them up with great customer service and prompt claims service. We can also offer you invaluable risk management services to help you keep your business, and your clients, safe from injuries.

Why is insurance for sports and fitness centers important?

It’s your business to keep others healthy and fit.  But what are you doing to keep your own business healthy and protected against property and liability claims? All it can take is one large loss to wipe out your business and your assets. And in your line of work, that can involve medical bills, travel expenses, and injuries that often involve children. That’s why plain “business insurance” may not be enough.

What you really need is affordable insurance written specifically to help protect you and your sports and fitness business.

Types of companies

Cheer gym

Insurance protection packages for cheer gyms, including liability, accident medical, and more. 


Insurance protection for your ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, modern dance, traditional dance, creative movement or baton studio.


No matter the size of your gymnastics club, we offer various insurance protection options. 

Health clubs

Insurance protection designed to help meet the needs of your fitness club, studio, or gym.

Martial arts

Insurance solutions for many types of martial arts schools, including cardio kickboxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and more.

Personal trainer

Affordable liability insurance protection for a variety of personal trainers and fitness instructors.