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Specialty home and dwelling insurance

Providing quality insurance coverage for your unique property.

We have a long history of building specialty insurance products that meet market demands and over 30 years of experience insuring unique risks with specialty property. That’s why we just don't sell insurance policies—we sell personalized solutions that fit the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.

As one of the industry-leading specialty property insurance provider, we work with independent agents and wholesale brokers across the country who understand your property’s unique needs and can help select customized coverage for your specialty property risk.

Markel's Specialty Home & Dwelling insurance protection can provide coverage for hard-to-place risks not eligible for traditional homeowners coverage, such as:

  • Homes with coastal exposure
  • Properties with no prior insurance coverage
  • Difficult liability exposures
  • Properties with prior claims
  • Homes under renovation/builder’s risk
  • Properties with light business or farm exposure on premises
  • Properties offered for short or long term rental
  • Homes that are vacant

We offer a broad selection of policy forms, coverages, limits and/or exclusions so that we can tailor coverage and mitigate risk. We have the ability to write high value homes and can offer coverage A limits that exceed $1 million.

Ask your agent or broker about Markel’s specialty home and dwelling program today.