Markel’s environmental and energy specialists offer creative solutions with one of the broadest appetites in the industry.

  • The Markel environmental team has an expansive suite of products that can be offered on a standalone or package basis including shared or separate aggregates.
  • The multidisciplinary team has environmental, technical and underwriting expertise with an average of 15 years of experience in the industry.

Target Industries

Product offerings

Contractors pollution

Broad pollution coverage for all contractor segments offered on occurrence or claims-made basis for project-specific or blanket practice exposures.

Site pollution environment

Menu-driven pollution coverage for covered locations, disposal sites, transportation, business interruption, associated contracting operations, or products pollution.

Environmental professional liability

Tailored specifically for environmental engineers and consultants, remediation professionals, and air quality and industrial hygiene consultants.

Professional E&O

Professional E&O coverage tailored to environmental consultants and engineers.