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Miscellaneous errors and omissions

Markel recognizes there are numerous professional service firms that need professional liability insurance that will respond to their exposures.

  • Admitted miscellaneous E&O program addresses professional liability needs of a variety of service firms—everything from answering services to zoologists
  • Risk management services including hotline staffed by an experienced risk management team
  • Claims service provided by experienced and knowledgeable professionals


Communication services including call centers, mailing services, and translators.


Insurance support services including auditors, risk managers, safety engineers, and property claims adjustors.


Medial support services including billing services, basic research, and records transcription.


Consulting services in various industries including energy, forestry, community development, and scientific.


Legal services including court clerks, expert witnesses, paralegals, and notary services.


Office support services including temporary staffing, resume assistance, document services, and business and computer skill training.

Additional payments section includes:

extension for contingent BI/PD, pollution, pre-claim assistance, sexual abuse, and third-party discrimination.

Coverage applies to claims arising from:

negligent acts, errors, omissions, or personal injury in the performance of professional services.

Supplementary payments section includes:

response to disciplinary proceedings, loss of earnings reimbursement, public relations expenses, and subpoena and records request assistance.

DataBreach coverages available by endorsement

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