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Horse club and association

Customizable insurance policies to fit your club's needs. 

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Coverage specifically designed for horse clubs and associations.

Some insurance policies can be inadequate for the needs of your horse club. You need coverage that encompasses events, property, members, spectators and volunteers. That’s where Markel Specialty's horse club insurance can help.

Our horse club and association insurance is a great choice for your organization because it can provide the coverage you need for your club’s leased or owned premises, special events, and your club’s various functions, such as shows, clinics and trail rides.

Why is insurance for horse clubs and associations important?

If someone gets hurt or property is damaged at a club function or event, your club could be held liable. That’s why you need insurance for horse clubs and associations. 

Here are two examples of claims we paid out for insured clubs:*

  • At one of our insured’s championship show, the ring master was hanging the winning garland around the winning horse’s head. The horse spooked, reared up, and threw the rider off.
  • A horse was scared by something while on our insured club’s premises. The horse backed up and caused severe damage to someone’s car. 

*These examples are provided for illustrative purposes only. Any claim submitted under the policy would be evaluated on its own merits and facts compared to the terms of the policy.

What we offer

Markel's horse club and association insurance has the coverage your club needs.

Our coverages can include:

  • Available commercial general liability limits:* $300k/$900k; $500k/$1.5m; $1m/$3m
  • Includes limited premises, equine liability, $5k medical payments, $100k fire legal liability; event and liquor liability coverages available 
  • Excludes products liability
  • General liability enhancement available to increase limits and provide additional coverages

*Per occurrence is the maximum amount that may be paid on a covered individual claim; aggregate is the maximum amount that may be paid on all covered claims combined within the policy period.

Clubhouse coverage is available. If clubhouse coverage is needed, the policy will become a farm package policy in lieu of a horse club liability policy.


Inland marine
Coverage can be added to the policy, when no farm property exists

Excess and umbrella liability
Limits up to $10m. Available over the underlying Markel Specialty general liability

Sale of tack and goods

Member buyback coverage

Directors and officers

Association membership credits

A 10% credit is available towards liability premium if you are a member of one of our accredited professional associations.

Get the protection you deserve.

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You may also contact one of our appointed Markel agents, or download applications and supplemental forms to get a horse club and association insurance quote today.

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