Workers compensation claims

what sets us apart

The unexpected can happen in the workplace, and when it does, we help our customers and their employees find equitable resolutions.



  • Markel takes pride in our services to help protect employers and their employees if there is a job-related injury.
  • Digital claims system provides quicker turnaround times for contacts and bill payment.
  • Easy-to-use online claims filing, medical provider search, and pharmacy service access.
  • Claims professionals are trained in the unique needs of small business owners.
  • Examiners with specialty training for individual state laws and procedures allows claims team to create state-specific claim resolution strategies.
  • Dedicated catastrophic claims unit for severe and complex claims.
  • Initial prescription card program provides a fast and convenient way for injured workers to pay for prescriptions.
  • Medical bill cost management program reduces unfounded and unnecessary charges and maintains low medical costs.
  • Medical case management provides on-the-ground care for severe and complex injuries.

report a claim

Find more information on how to submit a claim electronically or to find information on other ways to contact a Markel claims professional.